Saturday, August 1, 2009

An Ode to Saqsaywaman

July 30 - An Ode to Saqsaywaman

Blog written by Brian Lang from New City, NY

At 7:45 we got out of bed
for a breakfast of croissants and bread

We took taxis, to be exact four
to Saqsaywaman, site of Incan war

We picked up Peter, our extraordinary guide
who to the Incan ruin with us he’d ride

We showed our tickets and passed through the gate
We were so excited, the ruins looked great

Stone upon stone, some bigger than cars
A ruin fit for kings, incas and czars

The stones were fitted by average Incan Joes
How they did it? Nobody knows

The sun was bright as we started to climb
the tiring trek up the stones of lime.

Once we had gotten to the top of the ruin
we saw all of Cusco at just about noon

The steps were awkward coming up and going down
even the rocky steps caused great astound

The other side of Saqsai had stone Incan slides
children for years have given them rides

We had so much fun riding them too
we were glad we didn’t go elsewhere in lieu

We then lurked through a forty yard cave
on the way in to Zak we waved

Next we would hike o’er a mile
we’d stay at the ruins of Q’enko for a while

Q’enko is a quechua phrase for zig zag
the tour of these ruins was so not a drag

We walked through the labyrinth of rocks and stones
and alcoves which held ancient Inca bones

Off then we went to the potato fields
farmers making Chunyu out of what harvest wields

Chunyu are freeze dried potatoes
they taste like feet, I’d rather have tomatoes

Now onto the Temple of the Moon
the final stop on our tour of ruins

In the temple, it was just like a cave
at night the moon shines through a little enclave

Down a winding hill we went
to Pachapapa’s Restaurant, where our lunch was spent

Some tried alpaca, others did not
the meat was quite tender and a bit hot

After lunch we took a break
phone calls or shopping time we’d take

At 4:30 it was back to Peter Frost
on the long way, no one got lost

Peter explained the past of Peru
all were hungry when he was through

Off to dinner we’d all go
the group was split, we were whelmed with woe

Photographers had a nice dinner out
Peruvian Italian, it was great no doubt

Archaeologists munched tapas with Peter
he helped them with their book, which was even sweeter

All were full after dinner
I’m sure none of us are any thinner

We’re having fun in Peru, happy and well fed
it’s 10 PM and we’re off to bed

Photos by Danielle Itin, Englewood NJ

National Geographic Expert Peter Frost
talking about Saqsaywaman's giant Inca stonework

Saqsaywaman handstand

Playing on a stone slide near Saqsaywaman

Walking through farmer's fields where we came across
potatoes in various stages of the freeze-drying process

Walking along an ancient Inca road back toward Cusco