Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rainy Day Rearrangements!

July 24 – Rainy Day Rearrangements!

Written by Forrest DiPaola, North Vancouver, BC

Today we awoke to cool temperatures, rain, and mist; something the locals tell us is very rare for this time of year. We had planned to spend today helping out in a small highland community, making mud bricks and picking potatoes, but neither of these activities were possible in the rain. Instead of working on the farm we took advantage of the time inside to continue with on our On Assignment projects. Photography students critiqued their recent assignments while the Archaeology students started to work on their final project – creating a guidebook to the Inca Empire.

We had a leisurely lunch at a cafe that donates its profits to children who are in poverty. After lunch we went to pottery shop to make bowls or cups with clay. After the potter gave us a short demonstration we attempted to make something ourselves. Most of us needed some help to shape the clay and some of us needed a lot of help! He also showed us how the Inca polished clay with smooth stones from the river.

After finishing our bowls and cups we had free time for the first time in two days. Many of us went shopping or sent emails to friends and family. In the evening we had takeout pizza and went back to photo critiquing or working on our book. Many of us headed to bed right after working on our On Assignment projects.

Photos below by Kaia DeBruin, Port Washington, NY

Kathleen and Jesse huddle for warmth in the hostal

Eduardo the ceramics teacher demonstrating how to make clay pots

Students attempting to follow Eduardo´s instructions

Ceramics scene

Evening photography critique at the hostal